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James is At The Beeb

It is always great to catch up with long term friends that you haven’t seen for a while, and regardless of the amount of time passed – you pick up where you left off. At my friend Sophie’s wedding I was … Continue reading

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James is A Dad

I have dug into my archives and dusted off this article I wrote for the National Childbirth Trust Magazine. It is very old! Molly is now almost 7 years old (I can bearly believe it) and a very different little … Continue reading

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James is In The Paper

A tree house will delight your children, and building one is a perfect Easter family project. We show you how in five easy steps Nick Weston Published: 17 April 2011 – Sunday Times Tree houses are magical places. Few other things … Continue reading

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James is Searching For The Easter Bunny

One of our annual treats is to visit the in-laws in Ringwood, Hampshire every Easter. The kids have the easter egg hunt in the garden, we visit some location attraction and visit or walk along the beach. Great fun. One … Continue reading

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James is On ‘This Morning’…

Not a typical blog post, more just a video clip and write up from the ‘This Morning’ website. I think I’ll write something more extensive when the whole treatment has finished. I am due to return in the Autumn but … Continue reading

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James is ‘Living With Epilepsy’

Published February 2011 Getting my head around it My body was beaten up but I had a real sense of being under the control of something in my head. I was filled with fear knowing that it could happen anytime. … Continue reading

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James is Eating For Free

Pigeons… an easily sourced free food that has been sitting under my nose… As I continue to look for food to forage and struggle to find people willing to let a stranger with a gun roam around their garden/land I have … Continue reading

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James is Eating Out.

I love my wife… I really do… but she drives me nuts. The opposition I get when I wish to cook anything that you don’t generally find in Sainsbury’s (although these days you’d be surprised) is so great that I only ‘go … Continue reading

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James is No Ray Mears

I checked the weather forecast on Friday morning; no change – rain, rain, and more heavy rain, but my enthusiasm for the weekend was not dampened. Once we had gathered Leon the lead instructor led us deep into the dark … Continue reading

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