James is Thinking about Microadventures

When I felt the urge to create this blog post I feared it could appear to be a bit of a ‘blog filler’. A post without my own interesting facts, clever humour, fascinating details and fully researched topic’s might be a bitter disappointment to my many readers(!). Well once you’ve finished watching and reading I am sure you’ll forgive me as I got some real inspirational content right here… it should be entitled “WARNING: This post is going to kick your ass.” The essence of what Adventurer Al Humphreys is saying is brilliantly challenging and I love the ethos behind what he does.

Al was clearly a fan of the children’s TV show “Why Don’t You?” or also known as “Why Don’t You Just Switch Off Your Television Set and Go and Do Something Less Boring Instead?”. Popular in the 1970’s and 80’s; (by the time it was the 90’s the kids had moved onto games consoles) this show challenged you to do new things and simply get out and get involved. This is exactly what microadventures is about, but for families and grown-ups.

Al coined the term; ‘Microadventures’ which is, well I’ll leave it to him to explain what it is about;

Adventure is only a state of mind.

Microadventures are about removing excuses. No time? No money? No skills? Don’t live somewhere picturesque? None of those are valid excuses not to pack a bivvy bag and sleep under the stars for the first time! Stop being a wimp and sheltering behind your lame excuses! Microadventures are simple expeditions and challenges which are close to home, affordable and easy to organise. Ideas designed to encourage ordinary people to get Out There and Do Stuff for themselves, even in these tightened financial times.

Al’s challenge is to get up, get out and don’t concentrate on what you can’t do, rather what you can. I love this idea. Some of my previous posts have been microadventures of one sort or other and I continue to seek more challenges and push normal boundaries (they don’t all have to involve a bivvy bag!).

Here are a few short videos of microadventures that inspire me particularly. You’ll find a way of doing something if you really want to.

So as I am sure you’ll agree, this ‘filler post’ is actually quite confrontational in asking the question; what is stopping you from doing something? Why don’t you turn off Eastenders, Top Gear or Peter Andre (my wife’s favourite) and pack a bag and GET OUT!?! Make your spare time count.

On a final note, if you’re quick you could still video your microadventure and send it in to Al Humphreys for his presentation at the Microadventure Film Festival. Deadline is on July 1st. You can see more details on;


I feel I have been over familiar with ‘Al’ as I don’t know him yet throughout I have referred to him as if we were old mates from university.

To clarify; We are not old mates and I didn’t go to university. Furthermore I have no proof that he watched or is even aware of the programme “Why Don’t You?”.

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  1. I did go to university, I did watch ‘Why Don’t You?’, and I’m delighted you’re championing microadventures here!

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