James is…Still Thinning! ITV Follow up

It’s over.

My experience with ITV and Satura Rosta / Pro has come to an end. If you haven’t seen the introduction to this click here.

It has been an interesting few months. It was real good fun to start with, and then I soon realised that the five (if that) minutes of fame had a  price tag.

The Treatment

The treatment involved putting a unique combination of natural oils in my hair and then massaging the oils into my scalp. Next part of the treatment was the electric comb. This mains powered comb conducted electricity into my scalp through it’s teeth/prongs and although it was slightly uncomfortable it was a necessary part of the treatment so I just got on with it. No pain no gain eh? After the combing I put a disposable shower cap on my head and on top of that a wool hat to keep the heat in and allow the magic to happen. Only problem was that I had to wear the wool hat with shower cap combo for 5 HOURS! Yep, your reading right, 5 hours!

At least one treatment per week was due to take place in London by the people behind the product and the others at home. The clinic that they rented space from in Covent Garden folded a couple of months into the process (nothing to do with Satura people) and so we were left with no city venue to continue treatments. After some discussion it was decided that the remaining treatments would be done from home. By me myself and I.

I was instructed to every treatment in front of a webcam so that using Skype the Satura people could monitor my technique, ensure I was doing it, and for the necessary period of time; which was fair enough. This was a major hassle as I would return from work, say a quick ‘hi’ to my family and leaving my wife to handle bath, story and bed time, get out the laptop go into the front room (the smell of the treatment oils was quite strong). I’d hook up to Skype with all necessary equipment including a massive amount of hand towel to mop up the excess oil from my hands and neck. There was lots of ‘excess’.

Five hours would often expire between midnight to one in the morning. I then rinsed my hair, washed and washed again. The oil didn’t leave willingly.

Going out socially with oil in my hair (with hat on) was not great and meant that I had to explain my reason for wearing the wool hat in record summer temperatures, or other occasions like sitting at the table at a dinner party. I believe our friends shared in the comedy aspect of this venture but the fun for me was now wearing thin (no pun intended). I was committed to seeing the process through purely as I like to be true to my word, but it did become tiresome.

I had an agreement with Satura that I wouldn’t cut my hair without authorisation, and by this stage my hair was looking kinda crazy. Long or longish hair had not been a good look for me for some years and I wasn’t pleased to see it back. Volume or density is good, length not so.

I wanted assurance that the treatment was going to be concluded. The time when we expected to return to studio for the follow up come and went and then could hardly be seen in the distance… ITV were hard to get a response from.

ITV were fairly slack from the start with their communication. I’d be lucky to get a phone answered and getting an email response was a waiting process. Month four came and went with no word. After many attempts I contacted the Assistant Producer to enquire what was happening and eventually he organised a return to the studios on November 2nd. He asked me some general questions about the process and what I thought about the result, I answered as best I could and looked forward to the experience being concluded.

It was arranged that we would travel to London the night before and be ready to go to the studio early the next day. With some careful organisation we were all set. I packed a few things on the morning we were due to head up to aid a quick departure from home. At 4.30pm I got a voicemail message from the Assistant Producer saying it had been cancelled. Cancelled!?!…. I  was just about to leave work, collect the mother-in-law (babysitter during our absence), change, grab my bag and dash with my wife for the train! I called him back as he requested however he simply said that for reasons that couldn’t be discussed at the moment; the feature had been pulled.

I pushed him for some more information and he said that it rarely happens, but from time to time when for example a VIP wants to come on the show which short notice, a feature has to be cut.

Twenty three days after the scheduled return to the studio I received this email from a senior producer.

Subject: Balbusters

Hi –

Thanks so much for all your patience in getting a response from us and thank you so much for taking part in our Bald Busters item. As you know we have decided against showing this item again for the moment. Sadly this does happen from time to time on a live show and things change around all the time.

It was a great item and I hope that you are both happy with treatments.  We obviously care about our contributors and as you know it’s our viewers that make This Morning so special, so it’s really important that you are not out of pocket as we agreed to pay your expenses. Please could you get in contact with the Assistant Producer and send him your recipes and we’ll get it sorted out in time for Christmas.

Thank you so much and I’m sorry it’s taken a while to sort out so like I said we really do appreciate your patience.


Umm… thanks for that honest, straight speaking explanation Shirley. Why does she want my recipes?

So what was the result?!

Did the Satura treatment work? No not really. My wife says it has improved a little, but I don’t think so… Certainly nothing that makes me say ‘wow’.

Would it work better for you? Maybe. Different people, different hair types, different application style… who can tell?

My Conclusion: I wouldn’t spend £3000+ on the treatment, but then I don’t have £3000. If you do have the money and are up for trying something new – go for it. Don’t expect changes right away. Possibly don’t expect a lot at all. You may be surprised, you could turn into Brian May over night, but I doubt it.

Being that there is life after hair loss, why not hold on to your money. Instead maybe spend your £3,000 or your lady (or man), go crazy and get your car serviced… go on a foraging course, buy a gun… well that would be my choice.

Well in the main it was fun. Onto the next adventure…!

I just found this (below). This is not what I experienced?!

http://vimeo.com/i6644 – Satura Promo. Looks fancy!

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