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Not a typical blog post, more just a video clip and write up from the ‘This Morning’ website. I think I’ll write something more extensive when the whole treatment has finished. I am due to return in the Autumn but I have no idea what’s happening! All part of the fun…
Bald busters Male grooming expert Richard Anthony joins us to offer his follicle advice

This Morning

The issue of baldness is something many men worry about, but very few admit to.Not only can it lead to daily jibes from friends, it can affect your relationships, confidence and even career.

Richard Anthony joins us to offer advice on how to treat and cope with baldness.

What does Richard recommend for our case studies?

James Gaydon

Treatment: James is testing the Satura product range which costs £3,000 for four months of treatment in a clinic. The three products in the range he will be using are Satura Rosta – regrows and thickens hair (twice a week in a clininc); Satura Pro – stops hair loss and thickens hair (daily) and Satura Super Scalp – for oily/freasy hair, dandruff, inflamed and itchy scalp (daily). Once this treatment is finished, there are no more costs involved and this is not something you have to continue to use for life. The hair you grow back will stay. The products are all 100% natural and there are no known side-effects to the treatment. For more information, go to: www.gzlabs.co.uk

Nick Ward

Treatment: Nick is going to use Procerin Tablets and XT Foam which costs £200 for a four-month supply and claims to have no unwanted side-effects. This product is ideal for men with thinning hair or a receding hair line.  The less hair you have, the longer it will take, and if you have been bald for some time, it is likely that the hair follicles have died and can’t been kicked back into use. In the first two to three weeks you may notice an increase in shedding – this is because the hair follicles which are in their dormant phase are being kick-started into growth: the old hair falls out to allow for new hair growth. Between three to four months you should notice a significant improvement in the health of your hair: it may start to feel thicker and fuller. At this stage, many users also report a reduction in the thinning of their hair. For the best result, users should continue using this for six-plus months. For more information, go to: www.procerin.com

Tony Flack

Treatment: Male grooming expert Richard Anthony will be seeing Tony regularly for four months. By regularly cutting, dying and looking after his hair, Richard believes he can improve its health and thickness. For more information, go to: www.richardanthony.co.uk

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